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Using spreadsheets for managing can be very hard 

A custom web app will enable your employees to rapidly upload information and share relevant content. It will also provide a dashboard with an overview of your company in order to achieve a more efficient management of every department and facilitate the decisionmaking process.

Missing focus? Organize all in one place, safely.

When your company centralizes and assembles all data in one place, every team can generate reliable reports and perform statistical analysis for decision-making. Systematic DATT is a secure system based on user roles that makes this possible, helping your company to reduce recurring costs.

Let us know your needs

Tell us everything about how your company works and how are you managing it now, and we will prepare a customized proposal that fits your requirements.

Your app working in no time

Start using your new app immediatly, and avoid losing time and money.

Benefit from our web app

Decrease the human error chances of working with spreadsheets, get up to date information of your KPIs, reduce printing and increase information security.

Access all your information wherever and whenever .

It doesn’t matter where you are, or what time is it. Use your web app from your laptop or your smartphone browser and get the same features.

Bring all the departments together in a more productive way

Products & Services: Manage products and services offered by your company, check relevant information regarding sales volumes, stocks, sales trends and any other indicator.

HR: Manage all your staff personal information, time worked, vacations, salary, etc.

Accounting and FinanceCreate fixed and variable costs, create automatic costs for different periods of time, create bills, analyze statistics.

Create different roles for different tasks. Make tasks to require approvals. See logs of tasks done by users. Get notifications.

Apply your creativity to boost results.

It’s as easy as explaining us how your company is conformed and how it works, and we create a customized, fast, safe, robust and scalable software right for your team, in almost no time.

"Information, if well organized, is power."

– Sir Francis Bacon

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